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Our Story

Over the last decade, Haiti has gone through multiple natural disasters that have left thousands of children without family, support, or even the basic essentials. Many were left homeless without the ability to survive on their own.

Our eyes could not ignore the eyes of the needy. Our ears could not turn deaf to their cry for help. So our hearts became compelled to answer the calling and give hope back to these unfortunate children. This is the story of Gracious Hands

Today, Gracious Hands is called "home" by 41 children. They feel safe, cared for and loved.

We invite you to help change the future of this children!


Following the devastation of the 2010 earthquake which killed 200,000+ Haitians, Pastor Jometre Coquillon opened the doors of Gracious Hands to provide safety and nutrition to parentless, abandoned, and neglected children.

The kids were living in tragic despair - Former child soldiers. Meals consisting of mudpies. Trekking over a mile simply for water. The children did it alone. For survival.

In 2016, the Pastor caught the attention of Ricky Patel, a philanthropic attorney looking to rally supplies from the Miami community for post-disaster relief. Ricky went from gathering individual donations to receiving an outpouring of love from an international network.

With much hard work, overcoming a seemingly endless amount of tragedies and obstacles, our team rallied to serve more and more children ever since. We provide the basics, the wishes, and the childhoods that our children would not otherwise have.

Today, Gracious Hands is called “home” by 42 children whose lives and outlooks could not be more different from their origins.

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