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Our Story

Over the last decade Haiti has gone through multiple natural disasters that have left thousands of children fatherless and/or motherless. These children urgently need basic things to survive like food, medical assistance, a place to live and someone to love them.

Our eyes could not ignore the sad images shown on TV. Our ears could not turn deaf to their cry for help. So our hearts became compelled to answer the calling and give hope back to these unfortunate children. That's how Gracious Hands was born.

Today, Gracious Hands is called "home" by 39 children. They feel safe, cared for and loved.

We invite you to help change the future of this children!

Our Mission

Gracious Hands is a 100% donor-funded orphanage in Gressier, Haiti.

We are focused on providing abandoned, abused, and neglected children food, shelter, medical attention, and support. Beyond the basic necessities, though, we aim to give these children a childhood.

Our Core Values of character, skills building, stability, and sustainability are at the center of our number one goal:

Teaching our children the skills they need to live, succeed, and change the community at large.

Why Donors Trust Us

Long Term Vision

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day - teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime” Our focus is not on solely on today. We are cultivating tomorrow’s catalysts for change in Haiti

Leadership Training

Beyond self sufficiency, our children learn community engagement, cross generational support, teamwork, self empowerment and most importantly, gratitude

Fiscal Transparency

Our orphanage does not employ highly compensated executives or marketing teams. Each dollar raised, partnership secured, and shipment sent, directly benefits our children. We are 100% volunteer led.

Be The Change - See The Change

Your partnership, visits, influence, and love will transform the lives of 42 deserving children. After the unimaginable struggles they’ve endured, they need your involvement but more importantly, they need a chance to succeed.

Gracious Hands Today



Ranging in ages from 2 to 15 currently live at Gracious Hands and receive 3 hearty meals per day.



Have passed through the front doors to spend quality time with the children, improve the grounds, and advocate for local support by officials.

Each bringing supplies and raising awareness.


Birthday Parties

Have been thrown between 2017 and 2019 to celebrate the children's birthdays as a group. More importantly, to give them a childhood.
They get to laugh, sing, and dance surrounded by love and safety.

Each bringing supplies and raising awareness.


Sharing Experiences

Where the children tell stories, put on shows for each other, and uncover more about their past.

This unique form of self-directed therapy has given our children a release and the ability to thrive.

How Your Donations Help



Providing more than just a house, but a family and a home.



Delicious foods. All 3 meals are cooked fresh daily and served warm.



Education will help overcome adversity and broaden opportunities.



Beyond the classroom, we instill pride gratitude and dreams of a future

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