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Our Mission

Gracious Hands is a 100% donor-funded orphanage in Gressier, Haiti.

We are focused on providing abandoned, abused, and neglected children food, shelter, medical attention, and support. Beyond the basic necessities, though, we aim to give these children a childhood.

Our Core Values of character, skills building, stability, and sustainability are at the center of our number one goal:

Teaching our children the skills they need to live, succeed, and change the community at large.

Vision Statement

There are many homes for children throughout Haiti and the world. In many cases, once a child turns 18, they are put back on the streets with no plan, no skills, and no foundation for success.

What makes Gracious Hands different is our mission. While we have a focus on the immediate needs - food, shelter, security and education; we look beyond.

Our mission is to create the next generation of leaders who will change the country of Haiti.

You may ask - How?

Our team believes that no child who walks through our doors should walk out without a trade, a skill, or a goal for their future. Our projects include the building of trade schools, securing of scholarships for higher education and creating tangible pathways to success for each child.

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